Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks – Today’s article is to inform readers about the pros and cons of snacking and creating a plan of action on how to become a better “Snacker” the Hybrid Fit Food way!!

People snack often because it’s convenient! We snack before and after meals and even in place of meals. The key to snacking is consuming foods filled with protein. Eating foods filled with a lot of sugar will give you an instant energy boost, however they will also leave you feeling a sense of tiredness, lethargy, irritation, or hungover. This is called a “Sugar Crash” or “Glucose Crash”. Although the effects can be less if one has undertaken a lot of physical activity within the next few hours after consumption.

Protein bars, nuts, yogurt, plain oatmeal etc., will keep you feeling full longer and will not raise your blood sugar levels. Replace those “zu zu’s” and “wham whams”(twinkles, cookies, candy, etc.), with celery sticks, carrots, or cottage cheese. Get creative and start making your own healthy snack packs that consists of strawberries with 2 tbsp of cool whip, shrimp and 2 tbsp of cocktail sauce, hummus and pita, or peanuts with cranberries, just to name a few! Or if you have a sweet tooth, opt for peanut butter & banana on a rice cake instead of those “wham whams”. Control the quantity as well as quality of the snacks you eat.

You are in a position to take control of your health, so let’s start by eating healthier snacks, giving your metabolism a boost and the opportunity to fuel your body between daily meals!

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