The food we eat contains substances and minerals for cell growth, development and repair. These substances and materials are called NUTRIENTS

There are 7 different classes of nutrients today we will discuss one.

The Carbohydrate- is an organic compound that consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
Carbs are an important and immediate source of energy. They are also used to build up other nutrients such as fats and proteins

3 main types of Carbs are:

Starch which is a complex carb it is the storage form of carbohydrates in plants they are commonly found in rice, potatoes and bread.

Sugar exists in different forms like Sucrose, Glucose and Maltose they can be found in fruits like apples

The simplest forms of carbs are Fructose, Galactose and Glucose which is used in respiration to produce energy.

Last but not least

Dietary fibers

Fiber contains a complex carb called cellulose. This is found mainly in plant cells. Foods that are rich in fiber include whole grain breads, cereals and vegetables. Fiber cannot be digested by the body and needs to be passed out from the body. In this way, it adds bulk to our feces and prevents constipation.