Where Fitness Meets Nutrition.

A restaurant created by personal trainers, with a focus on providing items like healthy sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads and smoothies.

Where Fitness Meets Nutrition.

Who We Are:

We decided to open a healthy restaurant due to lack of healthy options in our area as well our many personal training clients who desire healthy food and post workout options such as smoothies and post workout meals.

What We Do:

We are personal trainers who currently own a gym and have been educated in exercise and nutrition. Our nutrition background and knowledge has helped us to put together a healthy but tasty menu.

Why Choose Us:

There are really no healthy restaurants in the vicinity. Our gym is conveniently located in the same plaza as the Hybrid Fit Foods, so people no longer have to go far to get a healthy sandwich, salad, coffee, tea or smoothie.


Hybrid Fit Foods is located at 3415 Old 41 Highway Northwest #700, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Hybrid Fit Food

3415 Old 41 Highway Northwest #700

Kennesaw, GA 30144

What our customers have to say

I had the fruit smoothie from Hybrid Fit Food and it was to die for!!! The wide selection and friendly and knowledgeable staff helped me pick the right combination for my needs. They offer weight loss, muscle builder, and fruit smoothies just to name a few on their menu. I would highly recommend this place!!!

Jennifer M.

This is my go to for a healthy quick meal, especially for lunch. The panini sandwiches are amazing, the soup menu rotates (I’ve had them all and love them), salads are fresh and filling. Oh I almost forgot–the smoothies! I usually stop by after a workout to grab a post workout smoothie, and they never disappoint. If you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out.

Stephanie K.

Hybrid Fit Food is my go to morning, noon, or night. This place is chic from the bright interior, TVs on the walls for sports and news, fast free Wi-Fi  so I can get work done. Since I work from home, it’s basically my office some days. The food is amazing, the black bean burger and panini sandwiches are my favorite with a smoothie on the side. It’s a must try!!!

Scott Z.

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